“Jeremy was fantastic to work with throughout this process. Originally skeptical of the idea of hypnotherapy but desperate to find a solution, I embarked upon what I considered to be an impossible path back to normalcy, driving on freeways and bridges. After about 7 sessions with Jeremy, I am now back in control of that part of my life. I still have more to do but the freedom it has allowed me is such a relief. I now feel I have all the tools to completely conquer this phobia. Jeremy is warm, understanding and crafts the sessions specifically for the problem at hand. Highly recommend him and his process.”

—Kevin M.

“My Hypno experience with Jeremy was amazing. He explains things in a way that is easy to understand, he is patient and kind, and he helped me realize the power of my subconscious mind. With his help, hypnotherapy has changed my life. I highly recommend Jeremy.”

—Nicole A.

“I had such an amazing experience having a few hypnotherapy sessions with Jeremy. It was like bypassing 20 hours of therapy by going straight to the source of a limiting belief, which I didn’t even realize I had! The subconscious mind is powerful. I felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, and I feel more empowered around an issue I’ve struggled with for years. Jeremy was understanding, open, and a safe person to share my true feelings with. I highly recommend this type of work for anyone who wants to cut to the chase of an issue that may be hindering their best life. It’s pretty darn incredible and definitely exceeded my expectations.”

—Marina A.

“Jeremy Pope is an excellent hypnotherapist. His clear explanations and soothing voice are very relaxing. He has tools to help almost every life condition. I benefitted greatly from his sessions and highly recommend him.”

—Nancy K., MD

“Jeremy was able to quickly and easily access my subconscious in a way that would normally only be possible through years and years of deep meditation training. Although the experience was new to me, I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time. His presence is calming and his process is very relaxing and healing on a deep level.”

—Jessica P.

Jeremy was very present, supportive and intuitive.. Exactly what I needed to move past a limiting belief. Thank you.”

—Mara W.

“Working with Jeremy has been so relaxing and a joy! I’m lucky to have found someone so skilled in hypnotherapy and also patient, compassionate, and adept at interpreting and understanding a client’s needs. Thanks to him I’m able to empower myself and go deeper into how I am feeling and what I could do to help myself. He is awesome and I truly look forward to the sessions!”

—Stephanie L.

Jeremy was so intuitive and attentive during the session. He knows exactly what I need to heal. I can’t wait till my next session. Thank you!”

—Ankita D.

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