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Hypnotherapy is Safe, Quick, and Effective

Here is what Jeremy’s clients are saying:

“Jeremy was fantastic to work with throughout this process. Originally skeptical of the idea of hypnotherapy but desperate to find a solution, I embarked upon what I considered to be an impossible path back to normalcy: driving on freeways and bxridges. After about 7 sessions with Jeremy, I am now back in control of that part of my life.”

—Kevin M.

“Jeremy Pope is an excellent hypnotherapist. His clear explanations and soothing voice are very relaxing. He has tools to help almost every life condition. I benefitted greatly from his sessions and highly recommend him.”

—Nancy K., MD

“Jeremy was amazing. He explains things in a way that is easy to understand, he is patient and kind, and he helped me realize the power of my subconscious mind. With his help, hypnotherapy has changed my life. I highly recommend Jeremy.”

—Nicole A.

“Jeremy was able to quickly and easily access my subconscious in a way that would normally only be possible through years and years of deep meditation training. Although the experience was new to me, I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time. His presence is calming and his process is very relaxing and healing on a deep level.”

—Jessica P.

“I felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, and I feel more empowered around an issue I’ve struggled with for years. Jeremy was understanding, open, and a safe person to share my true feelings with. I highly recommend this type of work for anyone who wants to cut to the chase of an issue that may be hindering their best life.”

—Marina A.

“Working with Jeremy has been a joy! I’m lucky to have found someone so skilled in hypnotherapy and also patient, compassionate, and adept at interpreting and understanding a client’s needs. Thanks to him I’m able to empower myself.”

—Stephanie L.

Join the millions who've improved their lives with hypnotherapy.

You're In Control

Sessions are collaborative and tailored to your needs.

Jeremy practices Integral Hypnotherapy®, which emphasizes collaboration between you and your therapist. Your input guides the direction and content of the sessions. Suggestions are approved by you before they are delivered. This ensures that you’re directing your inner resources to do exactly what you want.

Because the subconscious mind is so powerful, the applications of hypnotherapy are vast. These are some of the ways people use hypnotherapy:

Personal Growth

  • Increase Confidence
  • Improve Relationships
  • Boost Motivation
  • Enhance Memory
  • Raise Self-Esteem

Medical Support

  • Retrain Overactive Bladder (OAB)
  • Prepare for Childbirth
  • End Needle Phobia
  • Support Pre and Post Surgery
  • Accellerate Healing

Physical Health

  • Quit Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Live Migraine Free
  • Regain Natural Sleep Cycle
  • Ease Chronic Pain

Emotional Health

  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Eliminate Fears & Phobias
  • Reveal More Joy
  • Heal Trauma
  • Reframe the Past

Career Success

  • Increase Focus & Productivity
  • Nail the Job Interview
  • Improve Work Relationships
  • Discover Novel Solutions
  • Move Past Creative Blocks

Inner Guidance

  • Gain Insight into Life Purpose
  • Connect with Intuition
  • Expand Spiritual Awareness
  • Understand Dreams
  • Experience Past Life Therapy

Backed By Science

Integral Hypnotherapy ® is the only modern methodology that has been scientifically validated.

A recent study concluded that Integral Hypnotherapy® is just as effective — and in many cases superior — as compared to medication and other forms of therapy.

Integral Hypnotherapy® was tested against the standard of care for overactive bladder (OAB) and urge urinary incontinence (UUI). More details on the study:

  • Funding: The National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • Cost: $3,000,000
  • Length: 4 Years
  • Cohort: 142 women
  • Method: Double-blind, randomized control trial

The results gives new hope for 33 million Americans who suffer from OAB/UUI.

As studies like this continue to yield positive results, the medical community is gradually accepting hypnotherapy as a beneficial adjunctive therapy.

Learn more about the groundbreaking OAB/UUI study here.

Recovery Rates

A survey of psychotherapy literature by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD. revealed the following recovery rates:

38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior Therapy

72% recovery after 22 sessions


93% recovery after 6 sessions

Change your mind, change your life

Hypnosis facilitates access to your deep mind so you can direct your inner resources to achive your goals.

Your subconscious mind profoundly influences your life. It solves problems—and makes decisions—outside of your conscious awareness. It stores memories. It guides your autonomic nervous system. And it holds your beliefs.

Beliefs are ideas that you accept as true. They shape your personality. They influence your emotions, which in turn, drive your behavior. You live with the results of your behavior — which begins with your beliefs. Beliefs aren't easy to change. That's because of something called the critical factor.

The critical factor is the gatekeeper to your subconscious mind. It rejects any input that doesn't align with existing beliefs. However, when the critical factor is relaxed, subconscious programming can occur.

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind where the critical factor is relaxed and selective thinking occurs. This extraordinary state allows you to transform limiting beliefs so you can experience more love, happiness, health and wealth.

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About Jeremy

Jeremy Pope was born and raised in Northern California. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from SFSU, he moved to Brooklyn and worked with educational non-profit organizations.

A strong interest in Eastern traditions led Jeremy to complete a yoga teacher training in 2009. Since then, he’s maintained a steady meditation practice, and regularly attends silent retreats.

In 2019, Jeremy graduated from the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA). His education included 500 hours of in person classroom study taught by physicians and leading experts in the field. Only 5% of hypnotherapists have the quality and depth of training that HAA alumni have.

Jeremy is a proud fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH), which has the most stringent certification requirements of any hypnotherapy board in North America.

In 2023, Jeremy joined the coaching staff at HAA. He is honored to be a part of such an esteemed group, and grateful for the opportunity to guide new hypnotherapists.

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